domingo, 31 de julio de 2016

Corset samples sale

We are featuring irresistible sales in order to make some room in our stock. Today it's about corsetry samples that had been used for catalog pictures and editorials. All of them are perfectly conserved and properly cleaned after being worn only for those purposes.

The styles we offer are available in sample size. Here you have the measurements that belong to the corsets fully closed and also to the recommended range of body measurements for a correct fit. They are expressed in centimetres and inches (inches are approximated, not exact).

  • Corset bust: 81 cm | 32 in – for bust contours from 81 cm (32 in) to 91 cm (35 3/4 in) 
  • Corset waist: 56 cm | 22 in – for natural waists from 60 cm (23 1/2 in) to 68 cm (26 3/4 in)
  • Corset hips: 91 cm | 35 3/4 in – for hips from 91cm (35 3/4 in) to 97cm (38 in). This measurement needs to be taken around the body, 20 cm (7 3/4 in) below waistline.

This may help: corsets size is quite similar to a 38 EUR (10 UK) and it can fit one more and one less because of the lacings. However, please feel free to contact us if you have any kind of question.

These are the designs:

Douce Denim halfbust corset
Ciel de Jour closed neckline overbust corset
Ácide Fleur sweetheart overbust corset
Douce Vinyl sweetheart overbust corset
Douce Fleur sweetheart overbust corset
Institutrice plunged overbust corset
Midnight Violets plunged overbust corset
Nuit Perlée institutrice plunged overbust corset

Okay, let's not beat around the bush, we want you to take these corsets and that's why we've lowered their prices to very seductive figures. Original prices were from 220€ to 240€. Now they're available with more than 60% discount.

Are you interested in any of the designs? Mail us to and we will be more than happy to give you all the info you'll need about the beauty of your choice and we will also tell you how to get them. Just don't let them go! ;)

martes, 28 de junio de 2016

Two new corset shapes

Improving our designs and meeting your needs are our main goals. Because of that, we are developing new corset patterns. We have started working in underbust styles, and overbust ones will come later. We're so happy with first results so we can offer different choices for our most exclusive customers who are into amazing waists and also for those who prefer subtle enhancing and best comfort.

 The designs that we are featuring you are the prototypes made by our designer in her own size (she wears 42 EUR | 14 UK) so you may see properly how they fit. We're specially interested in showing the shape of both patterns highlighting the differences between them and also how they modify our designer's natural silhouette.

These styles have some different features but also a couple of things in common: hourglass type shape and solid construction. Hourglass shape is a very rounded one, wide at the ribs and hips, narrow at the waist area, so curvy (basic style waist reduction is quite soft so we are thinking about using a different shape for it). What we mean when we say "solid construction" is, like all our designs, both styles have at least two fabric layers, several steel bones (flat and spiral), reinforced seams and waist tape. Now we got the similarities let's talk about differences.


  • Smooth waist reduction: If hips are a 100%, waist is 66%
  • Fairly easy construction (a good corset always needs special attention): 5 panels for each side and two strong fabric layers sewn together.
  • Plain front with no closure or basic closure systems (lacing or zip)
  • Straight back for comfortable wear.
This kind of corset is perfect for those who want a comfortable design with a soft silhouette paying a very seductive price.


  • Advanced waist reduction: If hips are a 100%, waist is about a 61%
  • Complex and labourious construction: 8 panels for each side, three layers of fabric sewn individually for further strenght.
  • Classic busk closure system (can be another style if design requires it).
  • High back for the best support.
We recommend this style for those who are in the habit of wearing corsets, want a very curved silhouette and appreciate detailed work.

There is something we would love to note before finishing this posts, it's about hips coverage. If you compare both styles you'll realize that the advanced prototype is longer than basic one. Big reductions usually go with great hips coverage, however, we are not setting that as a key principle since we don't want limits for our designs. We want to be free to create for you, to surprise you, to seduce you!

We hope you've enjoyed this post! See you soon!

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

Buckles and brocade for a made to measure work

Hi everyone!

Today's post is very special. We don't usually show made to measure designs for our customers and this time is one of those few exceptions. Maite, a dear friend and customer for many years (the first dress we made for her was created even before the brand itself, and more than twenty designs have born in our atelier specially for her since then).

The outfit we're featuring has been made for a medieval wedding to which our customer was invited. We worked with her in order to know exactly what she needed and wanted. It has to be something with corset and full lenght sleeves which should be detachable or easy to roll up to fit the changing wheather. Finally we decided to make a dress, a bolero jacket and an underbust corset, all separated for more versatility. Here you got the sketch vs the finished design.

About color palette, she wanted black and burgundy or purple (we found a delightful brocade). Pleather and buckles were elements she loved for the corset and they became the esence of the whole outfit as you can see. Here you have some pics of the details.

We love the result, a mixture of dark trends such as industrial, goth and medieval, all subtly present but none too powerful. We hope you love it as well!!!

miércoles, 27 de abril de 2016

Black PVC corsetry into a golden landscape

We can't beileve we forgot to post this shooting from a long while ago!! Our Darkshine corsetry from Alter Ego collection fit wonderfully with blonde-haired beautiful model and a dark make-up work, all showcased in a warm yet gloomy landscape.

Corsets and skirt:
Photography: Diana Carrasco
Model: Baby Skull
MUA: Elvira Blázquez

♥ Would you love to see the complete photoshoot? Go and check our album Darkest Daydream!! ♥

martes, 19 de abril de 2016

Night, color and design

We are so busy into different projects so it's been a while since we last colaborated in a photoshooting. We're so happy to see our wardrobe in such a beautiful work like this, so glamourous and seductive. It mixes brightness and darkness in a wonderful way we truly love.

Ácide Fleur overbust corset from Retro Candy collection and exclusive skirt
Douce Vinyl overbust corset from Back to School collection and Royale skirt from Net-ssentials basics

Accessories: Natxa González
Photography: Gala Regnault
Model: Emilse Cuello
MUAH: Diana VeduQ
Location: Wurlitzer Ballroom

We hope youl'll liked our designs and if you do so, note that you can contact us and get them. We have samples available and it's prices are irresistible.

♥ Would you love to see the complete photoshoot? Go and check our album Glam Nightlife!! ♥

miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2016

Our website is back!!

¡Atención hispano-hablantes! Desde ahora, este blog se mantendrá en inglés para poder tener al día a nuestros clientes y amigos foráneos. Toda la actualidad Miss Self. Destructive está disponible en castellano dentro de nuestro web blog. ¡¡Muchas gracias a todos!!

Hi there, friends

We are so happy to announce that our new website with brand new design is on-line!!! There you can see all our work, you can be up to date with all new stuff and also know us a little bit more. ;) Most of our secrets will be revealed xD

 Miss Self.Destructive

If you want to shop our designs, you can do it two different ways:

♥ By sending us an email letting us know what do you need
♥ Via etsy shop, where you'll find som of our samples (we'll be uploading more day by day).


Note that website is only in Spanish at this moment, but we're planning to translate it to English too. Meanwhile, this blog will be written in English for you, and our Facebook Page posts are in both languages English and Spanish.

 Thanks for reading and sorry for any inconvenience! 

jueves, 28 de enero de 2016

New site will be online soon

Hi everyone! We would love to let you know that we are about to get finished our new Miss Self.Destructive website!!! We've been working in new style and new designs for the latest months. In the following weeks we will be ready to go! It's being a crazy big work but we're not alone un our task. We have the pleasure to introduce you the greatest assistants, very concerned about corporative identity.

Online shop is going to take a little longer, it will be re-opened featuring new amazing designs xD (at least that's what we want). Meanwhile you may check out our previous work, that we hope it is useful and inspiring for you.